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Fruit Kebab With Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Dip

by Peter Fehr 14 Aug 2020
gourmet canadian sauce rub

Makes 7 skewers


7 grapes

7 cubes watermelon

7 cubes cantaloupe

7 cubes honeydew melon

7 hulled strawberries

14 blueberries

½  cup Gourmet Inspirations Salted Caramel Whisky dessert sauce

1 - 8oz package cream cheese, softened.


  • Take 7 wooden skewers and thread the fruit pieces in a pattern you like best.
  • Soften cream cheese by taking out of fridge a few hours before using or soften using microwave.
  • Whip/beat cream cheese with caramel sauce using beater.
  • Serve kebabs on platter with side dish of dipping sauce.
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