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Sizzling BBQ Collection

by Peter Fehr 24 Oct 2022

Sizzling BBQ Collection

Hope you enjoy your BBQ collection of our products! I also hope that you are enjoying your grilling adventures with your friends and family, creating conversations and memories to last a lifetime! We're humbled and happy to be a part of your table!

- Peter, Chef and owner

(Search more recipes by clicking on recipe tab on main menu)

Menu Suggestion:

Grilled Steak featuring 3 of the products in your gift set!

Loaded Baked potato (You can use the kickin chicken as seasoning for your potato!!

Roasted vegetables using our veggie fusion garnish (Or any seasoning you want!)

Grilled garlic toast using our garlic lovers seasoning to make garlic butter! (Or you can sprinkle garlic powder on buttered toast and grill for a few seconds!... ps.. our garlic lovers is better though ;))


Click Here to see a variety of recipes using the Canadian Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Click Here to see a variety of recipes using the Creamy Peppercorn Whisky Sauce. 

Click Here to see a variety of recipes using our Smoke & Spice Rub.

Click here to See a variety of recipes using our Kickin Chicken Rub.

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