Six unique sauces. Infinite applications.


salted caramel whisky

Hints of toasted cream, a light touch of salt, with the smooth finish of Canadian whisky.

Drizzle on waffles, ice cream, fresh fruit, fruit crisps and pies, chocolate cake, brownies, and lattes.


Water, brown sugar, cream (milk), Canadian whiskey, butter, xanthan gum, lactic acid, sea salt, vanilla flavour.

Act: drizzle, trickle, dribble, drip, stream, rivulet

sweet & spicy lemon

Marinate seafood and poultry. Toss with pasta and stir-fries. Glaze roasted root vegetables. Drizzle on green beans, brassicas and asparagus.


Water, lemon juice, sugar, onion powder, xanthan gum, sea salt, black pepper, ascorbic acid, turmeric, lemon flavour, rosemary oil.


Act: marinate soak, steep, bathe, soak, immerse 

creamy peppercorn whisky

Rich, thick sauce with the lingering heat of pepper.


Cream, milk, water, Canadian whiskey, rice starch, molasses,, black pepper, lactic acid, sea salt, beef flavour

Act: slather, coat, dip, dunk, layer

prairie berry salad dressing

Go Berry crazy! Made with Canadian wild blueberries and Manitoba grown saskatoon berries.


Water, Manitoba saskatoon berries, blueberries, sugar, white balsamic vinegar (sulphites), olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, parsley, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Act: dress, coat, toss, spoon, drizzle

canadian maple bourbon bbq

Smooth and sweet with notes of dark balsamic vinegar.


Ketchup, water, maple bourbon dark balsamic vinegar, Canadian maple syrup, brown sugar, tomato paste, lemon juice, molasses, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Act: slather, pour, drizzle, brush, glaze

prairie berry dessert sauce

For the sweet tooth in you!  Slather it on all your favourite desserts. Best drizzled on ice cream and cheesecake!


Water, Manitoba saskatoon berries, blueberries, sugar, lemon juice, sea salt, ascorbic acid, xanthan gum.

Act: spoon, drizzle, finish, slather